Notetracks - Music Review & Collaboration | Notetracks

Capture, Review & Share your music notes.


Available on the App Store

For a limited time launch offer, download it now on the Apple App Store by clicking download at the top of the page.

Advanced Audio Player

-Import audio (mp3s, wavs, etc) 
-Assign markers 
-Speed up or slow down audio 
-Filter frequencies

Ultimate Annotation features

-Type and annotate your notes with text of various sizes
-Use a library of music symbols 
-Handwrite and sketch your notes
-Color code your notes with various colors
-Save and retrieve notes

Sharing & Collaboration

-Send your project to other Notetrack members who can open and collaborate on the project (teachers, students, bandmates, etc)


Audio mark up heaven

Take awesome notes for audio like you’ve never done before.  No more pieces of paper or separate note documents.  Notetracks is an advanced audio player combined with powerful note taking tools.

All you need to take notes with audio

Add comments easily by adding Text, pre-populated Music Symbols or Sketch drawings and move them all along an organized timeline.

Ultimate control over the audio

Add markers, effects and filters to have complete control over the audio while taking notes.   Control the audio and take notes at the same time!

Share & Collaborate

Whether you’re a music student, band member or any other audio user, you can write your comments, review the track and share it with others to collaborate.

Share the entire project

Send the entire project to other Notetracks users so they can review, modify and collaborate.

Share the PDF

Export and Share a PDF of the entire audio map to others who’d like to view the document.

Awesome Features

Built by audio professionals for audio professionals.

Simple, Sleek, Modern Design

Doesn’t only look great, it feels great.

Intuitive features

Understand the App quickly and easily accessing the full potential in the power of the features.

Audio users get it

You know about punching in audio, but how about punching in Text?  Add text while a track is playing exactly at the place it is “punched it”

Notetaking is an Art

Create as many text, symbol. or sketch tracks and position them however you’d like.